Best Sales Funnel Websites – Creating a Positive Buying Experience

We want to share the best sales funnel websites on the internet today. We are going take a deep dive into the details of each of the different funnel programs. I take pride in providing some of the most thorough reviews online. These are not thrown together. This is an organized break down of each product depending on your business needs.

Each of these reviews comes from our personal experience of using and navigating through each website. We do not just piece together information from other websites. We love experimenting and using these tools as much as possible to get you the best possible information.

What is a Sales Funnel?

In order to choose the best sales funnel and website it is best to understand what a funnel is used for. I’ve noticed confusion on this particular topic.

Wikipedia actually refers to the sales funnel as a purchase funnel or purchasing funnel. Wikipedia states the purchase funnel as a consumer focused marketing model which illustrates the theoretical customer journey towards the purchase of a product or service.

This is not going to be a history lesson, nor are we going to go into great detail, but the sales funnel concept has been around since 1924 and was created by a Bond Salesmanship names William W. Townsend. The modern day version takes customers through the same process as it did in 1924 but online. Mr. Townsend I am sure had no idea his concept could or would be automated today.

The prospect buying process funnel

  • Brand Exposure/Awareness – Your product or service presented to the customer
  • Interest/Opinion – Interested in what you have to offer
  • Desire/Consideration/Preference – Leaning toward a specific product or service
  • Action/Purchase – Making the necessary moves to purchase the product

I believe it is very important to understand how the funnel works today and how the concept started. This is essential in creating the most effective funnel.

What Are We Going To Be Reviewing

We reviewing 3 of the most well known and useful funnel products. This is not going to be a top 3 review. This is going to be a thorough review of what work’s best for your budget, your business, and overall needs. You be the judge. We will review the following categories:

  1. Going Behind The Funnel (Mission And Story Behind The Website)
  2. The Best Type of User For The Platform
  3. Sales Funnel Program Cost
  4. Number of Available Funnels Provided At Different Membership Levels
  5. Overall Functionality of The Website (How Easy Is The Interface To Work With)
  6. Training Resources
  7. Most Notable Features
  8. The Analytics Tracking Features
  9. The Customer Relations Management System (CRM)
  10. Overall Conclusion

Now that we have established the 10 things we are reviewing, let’s dig in.

Click Funnels Review

Behind The Funnel Software:

Russell Brunson CEO/Founder of ClickFunnels
Founder/CEO of ClickFunnels

Russell Brunson is the founder and CEO of Click Funnels. He had his first success as an online marketer selling potato guns back in college. This funnel software was launched in October of 2014 with his partner Todd Dickerson. They are currently a $100,000,000 company and have 55,000 customers. He has been very successful and has sold over 250,000 copies of his marketing books.

Best Type of User For The Platform 

This program works well for the beginner and the professional. One of the most robust sales funnels websites available.

Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels gives you access to a funnel marketplace and you can purchase ready made funnels . You’re able to share funnels within the community as well. This is referred to as funnel hacking. Using someone else’s funnel creation for your own business is quite common.

Opt In Page Samples:

click funnels templates showing one of the best sales funnel websites

The above opt in pages are designed to capture an interested prospects contact information. As you can see above there are multiple designs and methods to capture the information

5 Core Funnel Types Based On Your Business:

  1. Product Launch Funnel – Made for launching physical products for the first time
  2. Perfect Webinar Funnel – If you are offering a webinar training
  3. Physical Product Funnel – The gateway to selling physical products
  4. Fishbowl Funnel –  A giveaway opt in funnel (Similar to the business card fishbowl at work)
  5. Network Marketing Bridge Funnel – Capturing the contact information for your network marketing company

Overall Functionality of The Website

I would rate the functionality of the click funnels website to be an great. On the home page of the click funnels website there are several sections. The first section is to connect your account with the Stripe payment gateway. This is great if you are going to be selling products and would like to setup payments

The overall design and layout of your dashboard provides a good user experience. All of the pertinent resources are right in front of you and in step by step sections. As you progress through each section you will have a great understanding of how to build and capitalize on your sales funnels.

Training Resources

There are countless features available and it can be overwhelming for someone completely new to the sales funnel world.

As mentioned above we like how user friendly the website interface is.  This nicely formatted interface includes the Funnel Builder Secrets Lite training. This training goes into detail about what sales funnels are, how the’re used, and talks about the 7 funnel types.

There is a funnel game that is entertaining and teaches you step by step how to use all the features of the website. You’re able to earn prizes as you complete each segment of the game.

Moving onto the third section you’re able to setup your entire e-mail marketing system or integrate your own. By clicking on the setup e-mail section it takes you to the  settings page allowing you to make many other changes. These changes include integrations, payment gateways, domains, notifications, and a few other changes.

Most Notable Features & Pricing Plans

There are countless features available and it can be overwhelming for someone completely new to creating sales funnels.

ClickFunnels Monthly Membership Comparison

I believe this to be one of the best sales funnel websites for the following reasons:

  1. There is a 15 minute on-boarding training that provides you with a free t-shirt upon completion
  2. You’ll learn  how the funnel process works, the different sections of a funnel, and marketing your funnel.
  3.  An Auto-responder is included with the $297.00 monthly membership.
  4. A payment portal through Stripe is also included with your membership.
  5. Lucrative affiliate program that includes a bootcamp training to understand how to market the click funnel service.
  6. 1333 Total Available Funnel Templates, with 167 free, and 1166 for sale in the Funnels marketplace.
  7. Integrations are available for your current e-mail program.
  8. You can become a sales funnel vendor using their marketplace
  9. Russell Brunson offers a free book “Expert Secrets” HERE and I recommend you request a free copy if you decide on ClickFunnels.

Analytics Tracking Features


A robust program that uses and analyzes website traffic to segregate the types of messages that are sent to different types of people. This program works once an e-mail is received through your opt in campaign. This program will determine who is visiting you website, where they are from, their online shopping habits, income, and spending power.


This is an additional program included with the $297.00 monthly membership. You are able to use this program to design your own two tier affiliate program. There are several tasks you are able to do such as setup what products/services you want your affiliates to market, funnels to use, tracking commissions, and create a dashboard for your affiliates.


Your prospects are loaded into the sales automation system. The Click Funnels software is not designed to be your typical CRM in where notes are taken on each prospect. This is a tracking system so you are able to see your prospects live and their particular online habits.

Click Funnels Conclusion

We feel that the Click Funnels program is one of the best sales funnel websites available.  Please take a look at the chart above to see the difference between the two monthly memberships. Russell Brunson has developed a fun easy to learn process. Something that would otherwise be pretty difficult for someone not familiar with sales funnels.

There is a large price difference between the basic $97.00 account and the $297.00 Etison Suite. It would be nice to see a middle of the road plan.  A lower price point for people just getting started.

One of the significant tools not included in the standard version is the e-mail auto responder features. This can be resolved by integrating your own less expensive e-mail tool such as Aweber.

The ClickFunnels technical support has been getting better with response times. I see that continuing to improve as time goes on.

If you are looking for a complete funnel marketing system for your established business than the $297.00 monthly Etison Suite is the plan I recommend. If you are planning to enter the funnel creation space and your business is still in the start up stage I would recommend the $97.00 Standard plan and integrating your own e-mail marketing system.

You can Click HERE for a free trial of the $297.00 Etison Suite. Take advantage of the free trial to get a feel for yourself.

Leadpages Review

Behind The Funnel Software

Clay Collins CEO of Leadpages sales funnel software website

Clay Collins is the founder of along with co-founder Tim Page. He was able to take a lifestyle blog and turn it into an 8-figure software business of 46,000 customers in just 3 years. He had decided to create Vlogs in lieu of blog posts after seeing Gary Vaynerchuk (Aka Gary Vee) and his wine library videos were receiving millions of views.

You can view the great article How This Entrepreneur Turned His Blog Into an 8-Figure Software Business with 46,000 Customers written by Glenn Leibowitz. During a recent interview Clay shares tips and the strategies he used to create his multi-million  dollar empire.

The Best Type of User For The Platform

This software program is great for the beginner and the professional.

Funnel Templates

As of today there are 170 drag and drop templates and 104 ready to go free templates.

Overall Functionality of The Website

I like the functionality of the Leadpages website. The first page of the dashboard lets you go right into creating a funnel. You can choose whether you want to generate leads, make sales, or something else. The other tasks available are building brand awareness with a mini-site, thank you pages, event registrations, and more. After selecting one of the options it brings you directly into the templates designed for what you would like to do.

There is a chat feature where you can ask questions and receive technical support. There is an easy to navigate top menu as well that allows you to go directly to your create a funnel page, add pop ups to your site, leadlinks, leaddigits, and templates.

Training Resources

There are multiple training resources. It was nice after I completed a task within the dashboard there were guided steps for that particular task. You are able to find all the information you need on their support page for just about every facet of the website. This includes creating a lead page to setting up forms and editing your page.

In addition the Leadpages website has its own training platform through ConvertedU which offers 4 courses.

  1. Conversion Marketing Certification
  2. E-mail List Building
  3. Interactive Offer 2.0
  4. Leadpages Launchpad

It was great to see in depth webinars available covering the Conversion Journey, Leadpages Essentials, Conversion Coaching, along with special topics.

Also available through their training website ConvertedU are 29 marketing resource guides.

The training resources are comprehensive and really give you the knowledge needed to succeed. There are currently 55 certified professionals you are able to hire through the ConvertedU website. It’s a nice feature as you are able to see their full profiles and their areas of expertise.

Leadpages also has a podcast available through their blog covering multiple important educational topics.

Most Notable Features & Pricing Plans

There are 3 different program levels that are all reasonably priced and provide value at each level. You have options for  monthly, annually, and even 2 year billing. Please see the chart below.

Leadpages pricing breakdown of the 3 programs and one of our selected best sales funnel websites

This software platform has a variety of great features as shown below..

An easy to use drag and drop building feature

  1. 170 Templates covering just about every scenario for your business
  2. Several marketing integrations available to keep the automated tools you are already using
  3. Simple A/B testing
  4. Analytics that are easy to use and read
  5. Leadboxes – Pop up forms that you can custom design and display based on customer actions.
  6. Leadlinks – Current subscribers can easily sign up for a webinar or another list with one click
  7. Leaddigits – An opt in option for your e-mail list or webinar through a text message
  8. Publish to unlimited domains which include Word Press and Facebook. Digital asset delivery of offers available.
  9. Payment Gateway that integrates with Stripe
  10. The ability to sort different types of opt in pages and each pages opt in rates (Only On The Leadpages Platform)

Analytics Tracking Features

The analytics features are packaged in a simple and easy to read format. There is no need to take multiple steps and dig in really deep to find the answers you need.

We we able to see the unique views, opt in rates, and the percentage of opt in rates for each page that we created. Leadpages also works with Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Optimizely, and any other analytic software/tracking tool you would like to use.

There are easy to read graphs that track your pages over time.  The split testing software takes 5 clicks to setup and doesn’t require any additional software.

Overall Leadpages Conclusion

Leadpages is a robust program that has an easy to use interface while at the same time provides ample training on multiple facets of sales funnel marketing.

The training platform is impressive and the analytics program is one of the easiest to use on the market. Leadpages focuses on product quality and conversions.

Their monthly prices are a great value and one of the best price points in the industry for the return on investment.

Wish Pond Review

Behind The Funnel Software

Ali Tajsekandar Founder & CEO of one of the best sales funnel websites Wishpond
Ali Tajsekandar Founder/CEO of Wishpond

Wishpond was founded by Ali Tajsekandar in 2009 with their headquarters in Vancouver. In 2012 they launched their marketing automation platform (MAP) and were quickly gathered 5,000 users.

On August 28th, 2015 Wishpond launched a “free forever” campaign. At a time when sales automation tools were in the $1000+ monthly. This was unheard of and and really shook up the marketplace. This free plan let small businesses generate up to 200 leads with an unlimited amount of landing pages, website popups, newsletters, and automation campaigns. Once a user surpassed the 200 leads it was just $69.00 monthly.

He was truly a pioneer in in giving small business owners the ability to purchase small business automated software platforms. Today we see there are countless affordable and robust automated software programs.


The Best Type of User For The Platform

This is a platform for a beginner to a professional

Funnel Templates

There are over 100 mobile friendly ready made templates.

Overall Functionality of The Website

When signing up you watch a quick one minute video of the power of the Wishpond platform. The dashboard is setup nicely and you see 5 of their top campaigns templates for your particular market.

You are able to easily access your leads, lists, and import or export your leads. When you enter the e-mail automation section you have step by step guides to setup your e-mail workflows.

We feel this is one of the best sales funnel websites due to its clean layout and simple easy to use interface. You are able to reach out if you have any questions right within your dashboard through the chat feature.

Training Resources

There is an entire learning section for the Wishpond platform. This area includes 68 courses and guides. Theses courses and guides cover getting started to lead generation to how to create contests to draw leads to your business.

There are 245 articles written on various topics in the advice and answers from the Wishpond team section. There is a search box to search any questions you may have. Between the articles, guides, courses, live chat, and step by step walk through’s, you have all of the training resources needed to succeed.

Most Notable Features & Pricing Plans

Below is the monthly pricing for Wishpond.

Wishpond Monthly Pricing Plan

Below are the most notable features:

  1. Easy to use capture page drag and drop editor
  2. All of their templates are mobile responsive
  3. They have special promotions and contests (This is their specialty)
  4. You’re provided real time analytics
  5. A complete e-mail automation platform
  6. CRM integration is available for the top CRM’s including SalesForce.
  7. Site visitor profiles are scored based on e-mail and social media activity
  8. Social media integration for all of the major social media platforms
  9. A/B testing to find the most profitable capture pages

Analytics Tracking Features

Wishpond provides Google analytics, Facebook ads pixel, Adwords conversion tracking, and integrates with other tracking tools/programs. These analytics are shown in your dashboard.

The software has its own analytics software that tracks page views and conversions for their campaigns. This is done by embedding specific tracking codes within your campaigns. All of your tracking statistics will be under the Wishpond tracking section

Wishpond Conclusion

We really liked the Wishpond dashboard and how easy it is to use. The format is really easy to look at and navigate. It’s fun and unique being well known for its sweepstakes capture pages.

The plan price points are very affordable and  provide just about all of the features as the other platforms reviewed. I was able best to my favorite analytics tools with Wishpond to get detailed analytics.

It is nice to know that you can use Javascript to integrate any of your favorite programs with this software platform due to being less of an all in one system than others. If you have an understanding of how to integrate a few programs I believe WishPond to be one of the nest sales funnel websites.

This is the first marketing automated platform we have seen with a completely free version. You can check out the $199.00 Rapid Growth platform for 14 days free HERE. You’ll be able to modify your membership to any of the monthly plans including the completely free version at anytime.

What We Learned About Some of The Best Funnel Websites

We have completed a thorough review of what we feel to be the top 3 best sales funnel websites. Throughout the time working with these platforms it is clear that each of them have a lot of the same powerful features.

At the same time each of them have highly unique features as well. Each of these programs are founded by people from all across the country with different aspirations and motivations. It is fun to do the side by side comparisons. You’re able to see how each one of them is different and each difference helped separate them from the competition and make them successful.

Hopefully this information was of value to you.

We love your to hear your feedback, thoughts, and ideas. Don’t be shy and comment below.


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  1. Adrian

    Wow great article, very well written, and great explanations. This saves me a ton of time and energy thank you! This has given me some ideas for my own site and products.

    1. admin

      Adrian I am happy that you found the information useful.

      Hopefully you’re able to check out one of the free trials here as these sales funnel websites really help grow your business quickly.

      I would love to see your feedback if you decide to take the free trial for one of our recommended sales funnel websites.

  2. Holly

    This is all very thorough and detailed–thank you for taking the time to put something like this together! I do not know much about funnels and I’m not sure if I will ever need one, but I was glad to learn more about what they are so that they are at least on my radar. I like the sound of Wishpond the most out of all the options, I think.

    1. Jay S

      Thanks for reaching out and the compliment on the article. Wishpond is definitely one of our favorites as they are the pioneers in making sales funnel software affordable.

      Please keep us in mind as our website grows rapidly over the next couple of months. We want to be a go to go to place for all your affiliate marketing program needs.

      – Jay S.

  3. Babsie Wagner

    Yes, I think just starting out I would go for the $97/monthly one.  I don’t think I could afford the $297 right now, and I agree that they should offer something inbetween with a few more features.  I think the $97 membership looks well worth the price, though, for everything that’s included.  I mean, it looks like all the content is already created, right?  That’s pretty priceless, and as long as the funnels work, I can see where this could really bring in some money!  I’m excited!

    1. Jay S

      Yeah, Clickfunnels is truly an all in one platform at their $297.00 level. The $97.00 level is great as well when paired with an e-mail marketing program such as Aweber.

      Comment below Babsie and let us know what you think of Click Funnels after you check out the free 14 day test run.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave comments. Hope to hear about your experience in the near future. 

      – Jay S.

  4. Karin Nauber

    Honestly, I would be one of those people that does not understand a sales funnel! I do now, thanks to your excellent and detailed post. I have heard of Click Funnels before, but had not heard or the others in your review. Thanks for the introduction to these and what they mean. The prices are currently out of my range, though. 🙁

    Leadpages sounds good, too, although with less to offer. With this program there are less expensive options which makes it a bit more palatable, though.

    I had not heard of Wishpond, at all. But with the free option, as a beginner, I think it would suit my needs perfectly, so it suddenly is my favorite!

    Thank you for the review of these products and an explanation of how the work and what they provide. I look forward to trying out Wishpond!

    1. Jay S

      Thanks Karin for the kind words and happy you are excited about joining Wishpond for free. That’s always my favorite price. 🙂

      Thanks to Wishpond and there free version many years ago these amazing software programs are much more affordable to small business owners.

      Would love if you could leave feedback below about your experience with Wishpond if you decide to take it for a free test drive. 

      We love to talk about all the best affiliate marketing tools out there.

      – Jay S.

  5. Shy

    I have heard of Clickfunnels before, and it seems like a great place to get started if you can afford it at $97 or more dollars a month.  Certainly easier and quicker when it is all done for you and  you just decide on using what you like.  I have never heard of Wishpond.  Looks like they have a lot of training.  It is great when you can get started for free, then you get a chance to check it out before you decide if you are interested in paying for the rest of the features.

    1. Jay S

      Happy you were introduced to Wishpond for the first time. They have a completely free version and definitely recommend you give that a go as they have an excellent comprehensive training.

      Wishpond are the pioneers in the marketplace for making business software affordable for just about any business.

  6. Clay Westfall

    Wow, I have to say this is a lot of good information.  I heard one of my buddies mention Clickfunnels once, but it seemed a bit too pricy for me to get serious about.  Now that I have be reintroduced to it through your article, I need to give it some serious thought.  

    Thank you for this wealth of information.  I am thinking of giving the 14 day trial a go, and if and when I do, I will come back and comment again.  Thank you again or sharing this valuable information.    Clay

    1. Jay S

      Sounds great Clay! Be sure to also take a look at Wishpond as they have a completely free version that is robust as well. It is a much leaner cost approach than the others and really does a great job.

      Would definitely love to read your thoughts in the comments here if you go with one of our recommendations.

  7. Sophia

    I am most familiar with clickfunnels. I guess its because they have spent a considerable amount of money on advertising and brand awareness. I have never heard of Leadpages or Wish Pond until reading this review. I think for me personally I would go with clickfunnels because I am so not tech savy, and smart when it comes to creating such a page. I would most definitely need someone to walk me through creating the site. I feel more confident that clickfunnels will be easier to navigate and use as aposed to leadpages or wishpond, which would be more complicated I suppose. Just my personal observation after reading this lovely review. 

    1. Jay S

      Thanks Sophia for the compliment on the review. Clickfunnels is a great all in one option. 

      I have found that all 3 of the programs we reviewed are pretty easy to use. Clickfunnels has a more fun interface for people looking to really understand sales funnels.

  8. Marie

    This is an incredibly comprehensive and helpful review, thank you. I’ve heard about these tools, but this is the best breakdown for them that I’ve seen. I especially find the parts specifying the unique features of each product to be most useful. Those differences are so often the deciding factor in a purchase, and it’s nice having them all in one place for easy comparison. 

    1. Jay S

      Thank you Marie for the kind words. 

      We look forward to providing a whole lot more useful information that helps others make the best decisions for their own business.

  9. zardozmania

    Hi, I am still unclear on how you get emails & lists within these funnel systems, where do they come from without ‘buying’ lists or spamming people? And, I’m wondering how much value you can get from the ‘free’ plan to test it out and see if it actually works…’s hard spending money you don’t have up front if you don’t know for sure about getting results, so how good is the free plan? thanks

    1. Jay S

      Great questions. Zardozmania check out the Clickfunnels 14 day free trial HERE and you’ll get a free shirt. Most importantly you’ll receive a complete education for free to exactly how funnels work, how to market them to build your e-mail list and many other ways to make money from your funnels.

      You can also check out the completely free version of Wishpond HERE. Love their sale funnel website as well.

  10. andrejs

    Thank you for this very comprehensive review of the best sales funnel websites. To be honest, I with about ten years experience in Internet Marketing have stayed very cautious about purchasing different programs. The money here is not the most important, but the TIME. I have so little free spare time for something new. But never say never. Need to dive deeper, maybe this is one of the ways to save time. Thanks.

    1. Jay S

      I couldn’t agree with you more Andrejs that time is one of the most valuable things we have. The Clickfunnels program is a great time saver if you want an all in one package. There is just so much that it does at the Etison Suite level. Every one of these programs is a time saver and great in different ways.

  11. anthony fontenot

    This is a very detailed article and I am glad that I found it. I am new to online marketing and I never knew what a funnel was. It looks like this can be a great tools and I am excited to see how much of an impact they can have on my business. 

    I can see that you have some very useful knowledge and I look forward to learning more from you. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

    1. Jay S

      You’re very welcome Anthony. Stay tuned for many more reviews, how to’s, and our weekly newsletter that shares the latest and best new tools to build your business.

  12. jessie palaypay

    You mentioned clickfunnels comes with an autoresponder. Is it their own autoresponder or do I need a third party responder like Aweber or Getresponse? It would be awesome if I can save money on auto responders if clickfunnels has their own autoresponder.

    Also, has anyone used the free plan from Wishpond? Or do most members need to invest in the higher priced plans?

    1. Jay S

      The $97.00 version of Clickfunnels does not come with an autoresponder but using Aweber for $19.00 monthly will make it less expensive than the $297.00 Etison Suite membership and you’ll have an integrated autoresponder.

      The good news is that you can try out the Etison Suite version for free for 14 days. Click HERE for that free trial.

  13. Rogier Giersthove

    Great review!

    I love posts like these where you immediately know that real research has been done and it isn’t some copy paste job. They all seem great though. I’ve tried clickfunnel before but this is the first time I’ve heard about leadpages. I might try it out to see if it fits better with what I’m trying to do with my websites.

    1. Jay S

      Thank you Rogeier for taking the time to comment and that you liked the review.

      All of our reviews do come from actual hands on experience. It takes a bit longer than just taking information online and sharing it, but it allows for our visitors to receive more useful information.

      If you decide to go with Leadpages let us know in the feedback what you think.

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