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Best Sales Funnel Websites – Creating a Positive Buying Experience

Best Sales Funnel Websites – Creating a Positive Buying Experience

We want to share the best sales funnel websites on the internet today. We are going take a deep dive into the details of each of the different funnel programs. I take pride in providing some of the most thorough reviews online. These are not thrown together. This is an organized break down of each product depending on your business needs.

Each of these reviews comes from our personal experience of using and navigating through each website. We do not just piece together information from other websites. We love experimenting and using these tools as much as possible to get you the best possible information.

What is a Sales Funnel?

In order to choose the best sales funnel and website it is best to understand what a funnel is used for. I’ve noticed confusion on this particular topic.

Wikipedia actually refers to the sales funnel as a purchase funnel or purchasing funnel. Wikipedia states the purchase funnel as a consumer focused marketing model which illustrates the theoretical customer journey towards the purchase of a product or service.

This is not going to be a history lesson, nor are we going to go into great detail, but the sales funnel concept has been around since 1924 and was created by a Bond Salesmanship names William W. Townsend. The modern day version takes customers through the same process as it did in 1924 but online. Mr. Townsend I am sure had no idea his concept could or would be automated today.

The prospect buying process funnel

  • Brand Exposure/Awareness – Your product or service presented to the customer
  • Interest/Opinion – Interested in what you have to offer
  • Desire/Consideration/Preference – Leaning toward a specific product or service
  • Action/Purchase – Making the necessary moves to purchase the product

I believe it is very important to understand how the funnel works today and how the concept started. This is essential in creating the most effective funnel.

What Are We Going To Be Reviewing

We reviewing 3 of the most well known and useful funnel products. This is not going to be a top 3 review. This is going to be a thorough review of what work’s best for your budget, your business, and overall needs. You be the judge. We will review the following categories:

  1. Going Behind The Funnel (Mission And Story Behind The Website)
  2. The Best Type of User For The Platform
  3. Sales Funnel Program Cost
  4. Number of Available Funnels Provided At Different Membership Levels
  5. Overall Functionality of The Website (How Easy Is The Interface To Work With)
  6. Training Resources
  7. Most Notable Features
  8. The Analytics Tracking Features
  9. The Customer Relations Management System (CRM)
  10. Overall Conclusion

Now that we have established the 10 things we are reviewing, let’s dig in.

Click Funnels Review

Behind The Funnel Software:

Russell Brunson CEO/Founder of ClickFunnels
Founder/CEO of ClickFunnels

Russell Brunson is the founder and CEO of Click Funnels. He had his first success as an online marketer selling potato guns back in college. This funnel software was launched in October of 2014 with his partner Todd Dickerson. They are currently a $100,000,000 company and have 55,000 customers. He has been very successful and has sold over 250,000 copies of his marketing books.

Best Type of User For The Platform 

This program works well for the beginner and the professional. One of the most robust sales funnels websites available.

Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels gives you access to a funnel marketplace and you can purchase ready made funnels . You’re able to share funnels within the community as well. This is referred to as funnel hacking. Using someone else’s funnel creation for your own business is quite common.

Opt In Page Samples:

click funnels templates showing one of the best sales funnel websites

The above opt in pages are designed to capture an interested prospects contact information. As you can see above there are multiple designs and methods to capture the information

5 Core Funnel Types Based On Your Business:

  1. Product Launch Funnel – Made for launching physical products for the first time
  2. Perfect Webinar Funnel – If you are offering a webinar training
  3. Physical Product Funnel – The gateway to selling physical products
  4. Fishbowl Funnel –  A giveaway opt in funnel (Similar to the business card fishbowl at work)
  5. Network Marketing Bridge Funnel – Capturing the contact information for your network marketing company

Overall Functionality of The Website

I would rate the functionality of the click funnels website to be an great. On the home page of the click funnels website there are several sections. The first section is to connect your account with the Stripe payment gateway. This is great if you are going to be selling products and would like to setup payments

The overall design and layout of your dashboard provides a good user experience. All of the pertinent resources are right in front of you and in step by step sections. As you progress through each section you will have a great understanding of how to build and capitalize on your sales funnels.

Training Resources

There are countless features available and it can be overwhelming for someone completely new to the sales funnel world.

As mentioned above we like how user friendly the website interface is.  This nicely formatted interface includes the Funnel Builder Secrets Lite training. This training goes into detail about what sales funnels are, how the’re used, and talks about the 7 funnel types.

There is a funnel game that is entertaining and teaches you step by step how to use all the features of the website. You’re able to earn prizes as you complete each segment of the game.

Moving onto the third section you’re able to setup your entire e-mail marketing system or integrate your own. By clicking on the setup e-mail section it takes you to the  settings page allowing you to make many other changes. These changes include integrations, payment gateways, domains, notifications, and a few other changes.

Most Notable Features & Pricing Plans

There are countless features available and it can be overwhelming for someone completely new to creating sales funnels.

ClickFunnels Monthly Membership Comparison

I believe this to be one of the best sales funnel websites for the following reasons:

  1. There is a 15 minute on-boarding training that provides you with a free t-shirt upon completion
  2. You’ll learn  how the funnel process works, the different sections of a funnel, and marketing your funnel.
  3.  An Auto-responder is included with the $297.00 monthly membership.
  4. A payment portal through Stripe is also included with your membership.
  5. Lucrative affiliate program that includes a bootcamp training to understand how to market the click funnel service.
  6. 1333 Total Available Funnel Templates, with 167 free, and 1166 for sale in the Funnels marketplace.
  7. Integrations are available for your current e-mail program.
  8. You can become a sales funnel vendor using their marketplace
  9. Russell Brunson offers a free book “Expert Secrets” HERE and I recommend you request a free copy if you decide on ClickFunnels.

Analytics Tracking Features


A robust program that uses and analyzes website traffic to segregate the types of messages that are sent to different types of people. This program works once an e-mail is received through your opt in campaign. This program will determine who is visiting you website, where they are from, their online shopping habits, income, and spending power.


This is an additional program included with the $297.00 monthly membership. You are able to use this program to design your own two tier affiliate program. There are several tasks you are able to do such as setup what products/services you want your affiliates to market, funnels to use, tracking commissions, and create a dashboard for your affiliates.


Your prospects are loaded into the sales automation system. The Click Funnels software is not designed to be your typical CRM in where notes are taken on each prospect. This is a tracking system so you are able to see your prospects live and their particular online habits.

Click Funnels Conclusion

We feel that the Click Funnels program is one of the best sales funnel websites available.  Please take a look at the chart above to see the difference between the two monthly memberships. Russell Brunson has developed a fun easy to learn process. Something that would otherwise be pretty difficult for someone not familiar with sales funnels.

There is a large price difference between the basic $97.00 account and the $297.00 Etison Suite. It would be nice to see a middle of the road plan.  A lower price point for people just getting started.

One of the significant tools not included in the standard version is the e-mail auto responder features. This can be resolved by integrating your own less expensive e-mail tool such as Aweber.

The ClickFunnels technical support has been getting better with response times. I see that continuing to improve as time goes on.

If you are looking for a complete funnel marketing system for your established business than the $297.00 monthly Etison Suite is the plan I recommend. If you are planning to enter the funnel creation space and your business is still in the start up stage I would recommend the $97.00 Standard plan and integrating your own e-mail marketing system.

You can Click HERE for a free trial of the $297.00 Etison Suite. Take advantage of the free trial to get a feel for yourself.

Leadpages Review

Behind The Funnel Software

Clay Collins CEO of Leadpages sales funnel software website

Clay Collins is the founder of along with co-founder Tim Page. He was able to take a lifestyle blog and turn it into an 8-figure software business of 46,000 customers in just 3 years. He had decided to create Vlogs in lieu of blog posts after seeing Gary Vaynerchuk (Aka Gary Vee) and his wine library videos were receiving millions of views.

You can view the great article How This Entrepreneur Turned His Blog Into an 8-Figure Software Business with 46,000 Customers written by Glenn Leibowitz. During a recent interview Clay shares tips and the strategies he used to create his multi-million  dollar empire.

The Best Type of User For The Platform

This software program is great for the beginner and the professional.

Funnel Templates

As of today there are 170 drag and drop templates and 104 ready to go free templates.

Overall Functionality of The Website

I like the functionality of the Leadpages website. The first page of the dashboard lets you go right into creating a funnel. You can choose whether you want to generate leads, make sales, or something else. The other tasks available are building brand awareness with a mini-site, thank you pages, event registrations, and more. After selecting one of the options it brings you directly into the templates designed for what you would like to do.

There is a chat feature where you can ask questions and receive technical support. There is an easy to navigate top menu as well that allows you to go directly to your create a funnel page, add pop ups to your site, leadlinks, leaddigits, and templates.

Training Resources

There are multiple training resources. It was nice after I completed a task within the dashboard there were guided steps for that particular task. You are able to find all the information you need on their support page for just about every facet of the website. This includes creating a lead page to setting up forms and editing your page.

In addition the Leadpages website has its own training platform through ConvertedU which offers 4 courses.

  1. Conversion Marketing Certification
  2. E-mail List Building
  3. Interactive Offer 2.0
  4. Leadpages Launchpad

It was great to see in depth webinars available covering the Conversion Journey, Leadpages Essentials, Conversion Coaching, along with special topics.

Also available through their training website ConvertedU are 29 marketing resource guides.

The training resources are comprehensive and really give you the knowledge needed to succeed. There are currently 55 certified professionals you are able to hire through the ConvertedU website. It’s a nice feature as you are able to see their full profiles and their areas of expertise.

Leadpages also has a podcast available through their blog covering multiple important educational topics.

Most Notable Features & Pricing Plans

There are 3 different program levels that are all reasonably priced and provide value at each level. You have options for  monthly, annually, and even 2 year billing. Please see the chart below.

Leadpages pricing breakdown of the 3 programs and one of our selected best sales funnel websites

This software platform has a variety of great features as shown below..

An easy to use drag and drop building feature

  1. 170 Templates covering just about every scenario for your business
  2. Several marketing integrations available to keep the automated tools you are already using
  3. Simple A/B testing
  4. Analytics that are easy to use and read
  5. Leadboxes – Pop up forms that you can custom design and display based on customer actions.
  6. Leadlinks – Current subscribers can easily sign up for a webinar or another list with one click
  7. Leaddigits – An opt in option for your e-mail list or webinar through a text message
  8. Publish to unlimited domains which include Word Press and Facebook. Digital asset delivery of offers available.
  9. Payment Gateway that integrates with Stripe
  10. The ability to sort different types of opt in pages and each pages opt in rates (Only On The Leadpages Platform)

Analytics Tracking Features

The analytics features are packaged in a simple and easy to read format. There is no need to take multiple steps and dig in really deep to find the answers you need.

We we able to see the unique views, opt in rates, and the percentage of opt in rates for each page that we created. Leadpages also works with Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Optimizely, and any other analytic software/tracking tool you would like to use.

There are easy to read graphs that track your pages over time.  The split testing software takes 5 clicks to setup and doesn’t require any additional software.

Overall Leadpages Conclusion

Leadpages is a robust program that has an easy to use interface while at the same time provides ample training on multiple facets of sales funnel marketing.

The training platform is impressive and the analytics program is one of the easiest to use on the market. Leadpages focuses on product quality and conversions.

Their monthly prices are a great value and one of the best price points in the industry for the return on investment.

Wish Pond Review

Behind The Funnel Software

Ali Tajsekandar Founder & CEO of one of the best sales funnel websites Wishpond
Ali Tajsekandar Founder/CEO of Wishpond

Wishpond was founded by Ali Tajsekandar in 2009 with their headquarters in Vancouver. In 2012 they launched their marketing automation platform (MAP) and were quickly gathered 5,000 users.

On August 28th, 2015 Wishpond launched a “free forever” campaign. At a time when sales automation tools were in the $1000+ monthly. This was unheard of and and really shook up the marketplace. This free plan let small businesses generate up to 200 leads with an unlimited amount of landing pages, website popups, newsletters, and automation campaigns. Once a user surpassed the 200 leads it was just $69.00 monthly.

He was truly a pioneer in in giving small business owners the ability to purchase small business automated software platforms. Today we see there are countless affordable and robust automated software programs.


The Best Type of User For The Platform

This is a platform for a beginner to a professional

Funnel Templates

There are over 100 mobile friendly ready made templates.

Overall Functionality of The Website

When signing up you watch a quick one minute video of the power of the Wishpond platform. The dashboard is setup nicely and you see 5 of their top campaigns templates for your particular market.

You are able to easily access your leads, lists, and import or export your leads. When you enter the e-mail automation section you have step by step guides to setup your e-mail workflows.

We feel this is one of the best sales funnel websites due to its clean layout and simple easy to use interface. You are able to reach out if you have any questions right within your dashboard through the chat feature.

Training Resources

There is an entire learning section for the Wishpond platform. This area includes 68 courses and guides. Theses courses and guides cover getting started to lead generation to how to create contests to draw leads to your business.

There are 245 articles written on various topics in the advice and answers from the Wishpond team section. There is a search box to search any questions you may have. Between the articles, guides, courses, live chat, and step by step walk through’s, you have all of the training resources needed to succeed.

Most Notable Features & Pricing Plans

Below is the monthly pricing for Wishpond.

Wishpond Monthly Pricing Plan

Below are the most notable features:

  1. Easy to use capture page drag and drop editor
  2. All of their templates are mobile responsive
  3. They have special promotions and contests (This is their specialty)
  4. You’re provided real time analytics
  5. A complete e-mail automation platform
  6. CRM integration is available for the top CRM’s including SalesForce.
  7. Site visitor profiles are scored based on e-mail and social media activity
  8. Social media integration for all of the major social media platforms
  9. A/B testing to find the most profitable capture pages

Analytics Tracking Features

Wishpond provides Google analytics, Facebook ads pixel, Adwords conversion tracking, and integrates with other tracking tools/programs. These analytics are shown in your dashboard.

The software has its own analytics software that tracks page views and conversions for their campaigns. This is done by embedding specific tracking codes within your campaigns. All of your tracking statistics will be under the Wishpond tracking section

Wishpond Conclusion

We really liked the Wishpond dashboard and how easy it is to use. The format is really easy to look at and navigate. It’s fun and unique being well known for its sweepstakes capture pages.

The plan price points are very affordable and  provide just about all of the features as the other platforms reviewed. I was able best to my favorite analytics tools with Wishpond to get detailed analytics.

It is nice to know that you can use Javascript to integrate any of your favorite programs with this software platform due to being less of an all in one system than others. If you have an understanding of how to integrate a few programs I believe WishPond to be one of the nest sales funnel websites.

This is the first marketing automated platform we have seen with a completely free version. You can check out the $199.00 Rapid Growth platform for 14 days free HERE. You’ll be able to modify your membership to any of the monthly plans including the completely free version at anytime.

What We Learned About Some of The Best Funnel Websites

We have completed a thorough review of what we feel to be the top 3 best sales funnel websites. Throughout the time working with these platforms it is clear that each of them have a lot of the same powerful features.

At the same time each of them have highly unique features as well. Each of these programs are founded by people from all across the country with different aspirations and motivations. It is fun to do the side by side comparisons. You’re able to see how each one of them is different and each difference helped separate them from the competition and make them successful.

Hopefully this information was of value to you.

We love your to hear your feedback, thoughts, and ideas. Don’t be shy and comment below.


Post Online Classified Ads – Online Marketing Ads That Work

Post Online Classified Ads – Online Marketing Ads That Work

Classified ads were one of the highest grossing revenue sources for your local daily newspaper. Back when I was a kid in the 90’s you would go through the classified ads to find garage sales, cars for sale, job listings, and countless other things. I remember selling my comic book collection at about 9 years old. It sure would have been nice to post online classified ads instead of using the local newspaper. I might have had a better chance to sell my old stuffed animals and WWF VHS tapes….

We now fast forward to 2018 where we can now post online classified ads pretty easily. Craigslist had a big part in hurting the newspaper industries revenue. Classified ads were very expensive in your local newspapers back then and Craigslist blew them out of the water with free ads online. These were and still are today, online marketing ads that work.

My Father worked for the newspaper industry as a district manager for distribution for more than 30 years. The delivery of the old school hard copy newspaper versus the rising digital empire has been going on for nearly two decades. A newspaper in hand and a coffee cup in the other is a tradition dating back generations. Well at least in my household… That tradition has been slowly dying and today it’s amazing how incredibly effective it is to post online classified ads.

Here is what you are going to know how to do by the time you finish reading this article:

  • Why Classified Ads Must Have An Incredible Offer To Blow People Away
  • Why An Incredibly Unique Compelling Headline
  • Creating A Headline That Makes Their Jaw Drop
  • Why Build An Entire Ad On One Specific Action
  • Now Just Tell Them What To Do
  • Turn Multiple Exposures Into Multiple Sales (Never Just Once!)
  • Our Top 10 Places To Post Online Classified Ads For Free
  • Classified Ad Posting Software (Classified Ads Posted For You)

How To Develop Online Marketing Ads That Work

newspaper picture of classified section

When you post online classified ads you want to get the most bang for your buck. Now when I say bang for your buck I am not necessarily talking about actual dollars. If you are posting an ad on a free website it can be time consuming and you might be wasting your time.

If you spend an hour trying to figure out how to navigate the site and another hour creating your ad, that’s a long two hours. With time being so valuable if you end up with little to no results for those 2 hours it might be more frustrating then paying for something that didn’t work. Alright let’s talk about how to post online classified ads that work.

Nowadays you see the same classified ads for the same products. The same headlines for the same business opportunities. Everyone wants to know how to get rich quickly without having to do any of the hard work. Well… It’s time for you to be different. These are the 5 things that are going to make you not only different but successful when posting online classified ads.

  1. Incredible Offer
  2. Jaw Dropping Headline
  3. Action Based Ad
  4. Call To Action
  5. Multiple Exposures

Alright, so now you have an idea of the 5 mandatory tasks for posting online classified ads successfully.

Let’s dig in a bit deeper to those 5 topics right now.

Create An Incredible Offer They Simply Cannot Refuse

red incredible offer stamp picture. Showing how important it is to create an incredible offer when posting online classified ads.

Think about what you are offering. Think really hard about what your competition is doing. What do their ads look like and how are they attracting visitors. Go look on Craigslist, Ebay Classifieds, and any others you are familiar with. When you find your same exact products or services offered by others, look at their ads. Which ones catch your eye and why?

Look at it this way. Are you creating a classified ad in a way that if you saw the ad yourself would want to buy the product or service? If not then what are you really doing… You can’t slap together a quick sloppy ad like everyone else and hope to get results.

Take the ad or ads in your niche that caught your eye. Now take that ad and make it 10 times better! That’s right, I want you to see how you can take that ad that initially caught your eye and make it 10x better! What kind of offer can you put together… How much value can you give them? What is an offer that you wouldn’t be able to refuse…

It’s time to focus, put your thinking cap on, and put together some real value. We are not talking about fake bonuses and fluff information. We are talking about providing that prospect multiple ways to solve their problems. How many great solutions and bonuses can you give your target market for them to want to ultimately buy from you…

Put Together A Headline That Makes Their Jaw Drop

A National Enquirer magazine cover showing a catchy cover as an example of how catchy a classified ad can be.

The very first thing someone sees when deciding if they want to know more of what you have to offer is the headline. If your headline isn’t catchy, unique, and nearly jaw dropping their just going to move onto the next ad. Go check out some past e-mails from your inbox that had catchy titles you opened. Look at some classified ads online and find some catchy headlines. Find out what other successful marketers are doing.

You have one chance at a title that makes that prospect want to find out more of what you have to offer. It’s just like going out on a first date. Ask your husband or wife if they remember your first date and you’d be surprised at what they say. If you’re married I’m sure it went pretty well. 🙂

The Entire Ad Needs To Be Based On One Specific Action

Now you have your incredible offer in place, your jaw dropping headline, and it’s now time for them to read your ad and take action. Think about what you want them to do. Do you want them to call you? E-mail you? Provide their e-mail, click a link to your video or website?

You’ve figured out what you want them to do and it’s time to create the mind blowing offer! You’ve got them where you want them, don’t become lackluster now.

Create bullet points of each benefit the prospect will receive if they take the action you want. This is something you need to really think about. Remember that these are benefits that would make you want to take action right away.

I want to be clear. This is absolutely not the time to tell them your whole life story and/or tell them every detail about your product or service. You just want them to take that one action you decided prior to creating these juicy benefits. We are taking baby steps to success here. You need to crawl before you can walk.

Now Just Tell Them What To Do

If you have been able to put together all of the above steps and they read to the end of your offer… Well then you’re a rockstar! It’s also clear you’re very creative, and follow instructions well. Here comes the easiest part. Tell them what they need to do.

You would be surprised that when you do all the steps correctly prior to this step, but don’t provide a clear action step it can all fall apart very quickly.

You need to capitalize on the hard work you put in to get them to this point and tell these people to click here. At this point you have the authority to take them to the next step. They have gone through your value ladder and will do what you tell them to do.

Please see our Best Sales Funnels To Freedom article to learn more about building your value ladder.

Turn Multiple Exposures Into Multiple Sales

When somebody showed you something for the first time did you jump right on the bandwagon and purchase the product or service? Maybe you did, but most likely you didn’t. It’s because before we buy something we want to know more about it. We probably want to do some online research, talk to a few friends, maybe even write an e-mail to the company. They are no different then you or I. They have their own buying process which takes time.

golden dollar sign

7 is the amount of times on average that a person needs to be exposed to a product before making a buying decision. That means you need to have a system in place if that person does not make a purchase when they first see your product or service. It’s a beautiful thing that once you have their e-mail you have at least 7 additional opportunities to present that same offer showing them even more value!

Please see The Best E-mail Marketing System – Build, Engage, & Sell Your Audience which shows you how to use the best auto-responders on the market and correctly present multiple exposures of your product or service. This e-mail system is also excellent to offer additional products and services.

Our Top 10 Places To Post Online Classified Ads For Free

1.  Craigslist                      3.  Oodle               5.  Olx                    7.  Geebo         9. ADLANDPro

2. Ebay Classifieds          4. Hoobly              6. Gumtree           8. Locanto      10.

Classified Ad Posting Software

At this point you have learned the ins and outs of how to go about creating a great, effective and profitable classified ad. Right above there’s a section with 10 of our top free classified ad sites. I would love to see you apply what you’ve learned to post online classified ads that truly work and get you where you want to be financially and spiritually. 🙂

Depending on how much time you have on your hands it can be extremely time consuming posting the same ad on multiple sites. Copying and pasting your ad is pretty easy but going through the steps on different websites takes time. In addition having to learn some of the website interfaces to post ads can be draining.

Please check out our free e-book offering HERE. For the next few days we are including $597.00 of free software with the e-book. An e-book that details everything you need to know about posting ads to multiple websites simultaneously. This is a software that puts those ads on autopilot.

You’ll be able to post online classified ads to thousands of free ad sites. It’s great if you’re looking for a lot of exposure throughout the United States. If you are selling your bike or a car it is not necessarily designed for that. It can still be used, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I would recommend this quick read Craigslist Goldmine for buying and selling on Craigslist.

What We Learned

what we learned picture with emoji face

If you are going to post a classified ad you better be sure you have a great offer lined up. There is no putting together a half cocked ad, expecting to get rich, and then going shopping for a brand new Porsche. Your ad needs to have an insanely creative jaw dropping headline. Take a look at the National Enquirer picture I posted above. Be sure it relates to your product or service. 🙂

You must be focused on the prospect taking one action. One action only! You need to know what that is before you create your ad. Your ad needs to tell them what to do when they are finished reading. What is the next step… Don’t be scared to tell them what to do. You were able to attract them to your ad, have them click on your ad, read your entire ad you cannot let them just wander away. That’s what happens when there is no clear action plan in place.

Remember people want to buy the products and services that you have. We live in America and people love to buy things that make their lives better, easier, and happier from people they know, like, and trust.

How are you going to make the lives of your fellow Americans better, easier, and more enjoyable…

–  Jay S.


Twitter Business Leads – Leveraging Twitter To Grow Your Business

Twitter Business Leads – Leveraging Twitter To Grow Your Business

You’ve come to this particular page because you are most likely a business owner and you are looking to grow your business quickly by using twitter business leads. Maybe you’re an aspiring business owner and you know that Twitter is an extremely powerful platform that can bring you loads of new leads daily without costing you a fortune. If you’re not sure if Twitter is for you take a look below.

Let me give you a quick idea of how powerful Twitter is and how this article is going to show you how to grab a slice of this massive pie.

Check out a few statistics from 2018:

  • 330 Million Monthly Active Users (69 Million in the USA)
  • 36 Percent are 18-29 years old
  • 28 percent have a college degree
  • 30 percent of twitter users make $75,000 or more

Twitter company statistics amplifying the importance of using twitter

Now I don’t want to bore you to death with an enormous amount of statistics but I want to make sure you can grasp how large and powerful Twitter is. If you think the above statistics were impressive just wait until we talk about the business statistics.

Let’s just say If Twitter was not an online social media platform, but instead was a two headed monster… We would have a really big problem on our hands. 🙁

Getting back to business. This is what you are going to learn from this article:

  • What Does Twitter Do For Small Businesses (Breaking Down The Numbers)
  • Why Twitter Brings In Great Business Leads
  • Capturing Attention & Engaging Your Leads
  • Running Twitter Business Leads On Autopilot
  • Converting Twitter Business Leads Into Sales

Why Twitter Brings In Great Business Leads?

Twitter platform and percentage of businesses that recommend using twitter for leads

A whopping 93% of people that follow businesses plan to buy something. 69% of them have already made a purchase based on something they saw from one of their feeds.

Customer service is an excellent way to connect with your customer using Twitter and statistics show quality customer service drastically changes how the person views the company. A happy engaged customer will retweet there experience which exponentially increases brand awareness for your business.

Through a Nielsen study it was found that 25% of people purchasing a new vehicle in the U.S. said that Twitter had some role in their buying decision. Another Neilsen study showed that  wireless cell phone companies showed a 6.8% increase in customer sales after seeing a TELCO(Telecomunnications Company) ad. Overall 41% of Twitter users purchased some sort of product within 30 days once being exposed to an advertisement on the platform.

Taking into account all of those statistics it is easy to see why Twitter brings in great business leads. Now a major question you might be thinking is how do you capitalize on this huge lucrative market… Well, it’s not as difficult or costly as you might think. In the next section we are going to take a look at some of the best tools out there that make capturing Twitter business leads efficient, profitable, and engaging.

How To Bring In Twitter Business Leads

Chart of Twitter Business Needs

It is all about providing valuable content consistently. Users go to Twitter for many different reasons. As we talked about in the first section, a large percentage of them are going for information to make better purchasing decisions. If that’s what the customer wants then that’s what you want to give them.

Posting video content has pretty much become the standard when it comes to capturing leads and providing information people want to watch. By 2019 global consumer internet will be 80% of all internet traffic. That’s happening in just a few months seeing as how we are at the end of 2018.

The more followers you have will lead to a bigger audience and sharing content with more people that are interested in what you have to offer. It is important that you are gaining followers efficiently and you are targeting the followers interested in your products and/or services. Check out ManageFlitter as they allow you to target your exact customers with keywords, who others are already following, and countless other search features. You can quickly follow 1000 twitter users daily that directly relate to your target market.

How To Capture Their Attention & Engage Your Leads

Twitter Customer Business Engagement

Engagement is defined as the people that are directly interacting with the content that you are creating. They can engage by recommending your product, commenting, clicking your link, or sharing. Sharing is the most powerful way for your content to get to a massive audience.

It is great to engage with other brands, products, services as well. When you share, like, and comment on their content it grabs their attention right away and they are more likely to take note of your posts.

The reason retweeting others content is so powerful is because Twitter works on a reciprocal model in where sharing others content those brands and people are much more likely to engage with you.

When putting out your content, studies have shown that short 80-110 word tweets are the most effective. Sharing a large variety of links to your best content is also very important. Make sure that you are sharing others content. If it’s all about you and your brand awareness it won’t work well.

You want to be sure you are not tweeting too much as that can be annoying to your followers. I know that it’s important to space out your tweets. I always provide valuable content that is highly targeted to my particular customer.

How To Turn Twitter Business Leads On Autopilot

red auto pilot button

According to Hubspot the most effective posting time is from 12:00 to 3:00 PM on weekdays. Another noteworthy time is 5:00 PM with the highest retweets and posting between 12:00 PM-6:00 PM showed the highest click through rate.

With those times being mentioned it is best to have posting management tools such as Socialoomph, Agora Pulse, and Sendible. These programs all have free trials ranging from 7 days to 30 days. These programs let you schedule tweets at exact times, with your chosen content, and track your tweets. You’ll know exactly how effective your tweets are be able to see if adjustments are needed.

I want to review how you are able to place your campaign on autopilot. Create great relevant content for your business or niche. Post that content with no more than two hashtags. Hashtags are key terms that relate to the content such as #photooftheday, #fashion, #beautiful. More than two hashtags takes away from the content. Use a posting management and analytics tool to make your campaign organized, efficient, trackable, and with consistent content. Be aware of the best posting times that were learned from extensive research.

Converting Twitter Business Leads Into Sales

I love sales picture

In order to convert these leads into sales you will need to have a call to action in your tweets. Something that tells people that are interested in your information to simply go here to find out more.

You’ll need a link in your tweets directing users to your blog, capture page, or great information resources from another website.

Please see more information on capture pages and sales funnels here. These capture pages build your e-mail list and have excellent one time offers along with capturing hyper targeted twitter business leads. Once you have these leads you’ll want to reach out to them by e-mail. Creating a valuable and attractive e-mail is essential to grabbing their attention and driving them to purchase your products or services. Check out our Best E-mail Marketing System article for more information on how to create an amazing e-mail marketing system using beautiful templates and segmenting your audience.



content is king when it comes to attracting twitter business leads

Now it should be clear that capturing Twitter business leads is an essential tool to have in your tool belt. Twitter is a powerhouse when it comes to growing your business, promoting your products and services to a massive audience. It is also overall one of the easiest platforms to use. Of course if following the steps stated above to leverage twitter business  leads.

The management tools mentioned in this article are important but what is the most important is content. It’s best to promote your products or services and thinking about the benefits of your prospect to be successful. Please see the Importance of Writing Research to better understand how the customer dictates your content in your particular market space.

Sharing others content while really building lasting relationships with company brands and people cannot be overstated. You need to be social as it’s called social media for a reason. Be as social as possible with the goal of helping others find the products and services they need. Let’s and help find solutions to some of their biggest problems.

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools – Life Changing Automation

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools – Life Changing Automation

Social media is one of the biggest influences in our day to day lives. Whether it’s someones birthday on Facebook, new baby pictures on Instagram, or the president using twitter to speak his mind. No matter where you go in America, as long as you have a cell phone, there’s going to be some sort of notification throughout the day that will probably distract you. Some of the best social media marketing tools your going to learn about will show you why you receive those daily notifications.

best social media marketing tools

Now that we have determined social media owns most of us. Definitely not me though… I only check my social feed every 15 minutes… You and I both know a lot can happen in 15 minutes. 🙂

Joking aside let’s get to why we’re here. If you’re an online marketer it is almost mandatory that you leverage social media. This can be a daunting task with all the social media platforms nowadays. On top of that, keeping up with consistently posting content is just unrealistic. I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

How many other things would you rather be doing during the day than manually posting content to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, SnapChat, YouTube, and Linked In… Apologize if I missed any new social networks that popped up since I started writing this paragraph.

Here are the 8 major and extremely important topics we are going to cover:

  • Why Social Media Is So Important For My Business
  • Social Media Sharing For A Profit
  • Creating Content & Marketing Products To Your Audience
  • The Right Audience Using The Best Social Media Marketing Tools
  • Converting Followers Into Buyers
  • How To Automate Social Media To Make Money While You Sleep
  • What Social Media Platforms Are Best For My Business
  • Earn With Social Media Day And Night

Why Is Social Media So Important For My Business?

As talked about above, social media is all around us. Here’s some statistics for you to truly grasp how large social media is:


  • 79% of all internet users log into Facebook
  • 60% of Facebook users watch videos on Facebook
  • Facebook is estimated to generate $21.57 billion in US ad revenues in 2018


  • 35% of Instagram users check their Instagram account multiple times a day and 51% open the app daily
  • Most Instagram users are 18-29 years old, which equals to about 60% of the adults online
  • Instagram drives engagement 84 times more than twitter, 54 times Pinterest, and 10 times more than Facebook
  • In 2016 Instagram added a whopping 100 million users in a 6 month span


  • Twitter had around 330 million active users toward the end of 2017
  • 47% of online marketers stated Twitter is the best platform for social engagement
  • 40% of millennial’s check their twitter account daily


  • There’s more than 450 million LinkedIn users
  • 39% of those 450 million users pay for the monthly service
  • A poll was taken and showed LinkedIn to be the safest social ad platform for brands

Those statistics are breathtaking. Think back 20 years ago and virtually none of this existed. Social media is now soon to outspend TV advertising! The average internet user has on average 7 social media accounts!


Alright, I am going to slow down on the statistics, but you can clearly see why leveraging social media and using the best social media marketing tools is necessary.

Social Media Sharing For A Profit


Let’s talk about capturing just a fraction of a percentage of that massive audience to not only grow your business, but change your life.

People don’t necessarily go on social media to make purchases. They are on social media to well…be social. Knowing this it’s best to engage users in a way that attracts them to you.

You and your business need to have a defined purpose or niche. This is something you are really good at, a passion, or hobby. It can even be something that you want to learn more about. The most important thing is that you find something that reaches a specific and targeted market.

No matter what social media platform you use it is very important that you provide others with valuable information. That valuable information for instance could be;

“How To Get a Six Pack Without Going To The Gym Guide”. This would be great if you were a fitness instructor. You could talk about all of the different human body weight exercises. I personally have never been able to get a six pack without going to the gym, but the guide sounds interesting. 🙂

What about, ” The Friendliest Dog Breeds Guide”. You can share information on the different breeds, the things they like to play with, eat, and places they like to go. This is great information for dog lovers or a family looking for a friendly dog.

Now that you know that sharing is caring let’s review making money through social media in the next section.

Creating Content & Marketing Products To Your Audience

Once you know your niche, passion, or hobby you want to represent, it’s now time to share that valuable information with your audience. You can find an amazing list of affiliate companies that will allow you to sell their products. From coffee products, to dog toys, to car parts. It is truly endless to the types of products you are able to provide. Please take a look at a large list of affiliate programs and products here when you are ready.

You can build a blog website for free in just a few minutes by going here and choosing your domain name(name of your website). You actually receive two for free right now. Along with the two free domains you’ll also receive free training videos on how to build a website in just a few minutes.

Alright! Now you have a website with content that you are extremely passionate about. Everything was done for free which is always nice. 🙂 Make sure that you have looked through the affiliate programs here so you know which programs match up nicely with what you are writing about. Within your blog your able to recommend products and services to help the people reading your article solve their problems, receive additional information, or become a part of your mailing list. Check out our recommended best e-mail marketing systems.

Let’s dive into building a following. It’s also good to research the best social media marketing tools recommended by the people who use them the most. We have straightforward reviews for the top 3 social media marketing tools and how to use each one effectively.

The Right Audience Using The Best Social Media Marketing Tools


There are several tools in this category to automate processes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Linked In. Below are our top 3 programs and their best features for the most popular social media platforms.

Please take a look at our detailed individual reviews of each program below each program.

Our Recommended Best Social Media Marketing Tools:

Socialoomph – Automates these processes for you and has a 7-day free trial.

Covers Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, & LinkedIn. 

  1. Schedule tweets
  2. Track keywords
  3. Works on up to 5 accounts
  4. Unlimited Facebook Accounts
  5. Schedule Page Wall Updates
  6. Schedule Photo Uploads
  7. Unlimited LinkedIn accounts
  8. Schedule shares
  9. Secure LinkedIn access

These are just the top features of Socialoomph. Please See The Full Review Here.

Agora Pulse:

  1. Schedule publish content over every social media platform
  2. Social Inbox for all your interactions in one place
  3. Monitor your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  4. Flexible and real-time collaboration with team members across your business
  5. One click reporting on your content strategy, likes, and competition
  6. Connect, manage, and understand your audience with a CRM included

These are the top features for Agora Pulse. Please See The Full Review Here.

Sendible – Automation & Analytics With a 30 Day Free Trial:

  1. Centralized social media management – streamlining analysis and content creation for all social media platforms
  2. Scheduling tweets and posts across all social media platforms – Calendar provided
  3. Social media reports within a few minutes
  4. Converts connections into leads
  5. Monitor keywords to engage on hottest topics in your niche

These are the top features for Sendible. Please see The full review here.

Converting Followers Into Buyers

This is the fun part if you followed the previous steps discussed above. After putting everything together, providing quality information, and helping folks solve their problems, how do you get paid…

This is how you get paid. Hopefully you’ve had the chance to review some of the best social media marketing tools shown above. If you haven’t yet, that’s okay.

Once you decide on a social media platform you can then take that great content created and promote in a powerful and efficient way . That’s what the above tools allow you to do extremely well. You put in the work, created the content, and it’s now time to share it with the world. This is going to drive traffic to your blog, website, or sales funnel. These are going to be people interested in exactly what you have to offer from a pool of the 6 billion people that shop online.

How To Automate Social Media To Make Money While You Sleep?

No matter which of the best social media marketing tools you decide to use, they all can make money and promote your products and services while you sleep. Unsure if you are familiar with the old Ronco Rotisserie infomercial from back in the day, but it is truly a set it and forget it process.

Setup what content you want delivered at all hours of the day, 7 days a week, for months into the future.  Wake up in the morning and have more money in your bank account or Paypal account than you did the night before. Using online social media tools is essential to growing your business quickly and sustaining your success.

Time management and efficiency are some of the biggest benefits of these tools. Spend more time on the most important things in your life.

What Social Media Platforms Are Best For My Business?

Now this is seems like a question that would have a long answer… As far as I am concerned it does not. The social media platform that is best for your business is up to you. Once you read the reviews, see the different features, and find the one that fits you and your business model, then go with it.

Earn With Social Media Day And Night

I really hope that you found this information helpful in your pursuit to find the best social media marketing tools. This post was created to give you the best social media marketing tools available and to make sure you understand how they work. It’s important to know how to use these programs and have access to good information to make an educated decision.

The time is now to use social media for a better life for you, your family, and the countless others that you will benefit from the sharing of your valuable information.

Your feedback, comments, and thoughts would be very much appreciated below.

Wealthy Affiliate – How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Wealthy Affiliate – How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

For years I had heard of this thing called affiliate marketing. A gentleman in one of my circles was telling us how he created an entire blog on a cell phone and it was really starting to pick up momentum. At the time I was working as a bill collector on a commission only basis from home and doing extremely well. Now completely lacking humility for just a minute, I have to say, I was pretty darn good at my job. 🙂 I had no need at the time to take a course on how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners

This guy was talking about a website that showed a program of how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners, but I wasn’t listening at the time. It sounded like a lot of work and maybe one of those pipe dream schemes… I had a good job that I was really good at anyway. No need to take a risk on something that might not work.

Now stepping down from my soapbox. The job I just mentioned above that I was really good at… Well that job ended rather abruptly. I wasn’t fired if that’s what you’re thinking…

It wasn’t long until I had another job with a network marketing company. I was able to get back on my soapbox and was once again doing really well in the commission only environment! I felt invincible and that nothing could stop me!

Well… One thing led to another and by now you can probably guess what happened. In less than a year that job went away. Now just to clarify that when I say the job went away, it didn’t necessarily go away like Blockbuster… Let’s call it a string of bad luck. we’ll save the follow up questions for another day. Back to the drawing board I went.

I quickly remembered the gentleman talking about how he made decent money from a blog on his cell phone. Something about a website of how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners.

The moments after changed my life in so many different ways I could write a book about it. But I will spare everyone the time. 🙂

Let’s break down six of the most important questions I had prior to starting my journey with affiliate marketing.

  1. What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. How Is Affiliate Marketing Different From Other Forms of Marketing?
  3. Can I Be An Affiliate Marketer If I am Not A Computer Guru?
  4. I Want To Know How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners…
  5. Is This Type of Work For Me?
  6. The Time Is Now, It’s Definitely Not Later

What is Affiliate Marketing?


what is affiliate marketing chart showing how to learn affiliate marketing for beginnersAffiliate marketing in its simplest form is selling products or services for other companies that are online without you having to stock products, make a sales pitch, or even call someone on the phone. Each time a product or service is sold you make a commission.

To go into a bit more detail and give you a better idea of how this works, think of it as a referral service. You choose a particular topic that you would like to write about. It could be something you know a lot about, or maybe a hobby, a passion, or maybe even something you would like to learn. Once you know what you want to write about it’s then time to start writing and bring people to the products and services that relate to your topic.

You’re probably thinking that you don’t have a website, don’t know where to start, don’t even know what to write about. These are exactly the same questions I had. Please keep reading and they will all be answered. I am going to explain more in just a bit about a program that shows you how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners.

How Is Affiliate Marketing Different From Other Forms of Marketing?

Chart Showing How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Once you become an affiliate marketer you soon realize that the work you put in today pays you for years to come. Unlike the regular 9-5 job that gives you a paycheck once or twice per month. If you have ever been in any type of sales or marketing job you know that everyday is a grind. Times don’t really change when in sales as you are always working for that next sale. With affiliate marketing you are building a platform that will eventually sell itself without even needing you. A platform that will bring in a passive residual income.

Can I Be An Affiliate Marketer If I am Not A Computer Guru?

Guru Character How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

I was far from a computer guru. I was a big fan of the internet because I was really good at asking Google questions. Google had almost all of the answers. 🙂  Seeing as how the internet was not my first language I took the advice of my friend and went to an online community of 1.5 million people. This was a free service at the time and fortunately it still is today. This is what my friend was talking about. It is how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners also known as Wealthy Affiliate.

I Want To Know How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners…


Guide for how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners

You have arrived to the fun part of this article! Let’s talk about this community of 1.5 million people that I found. Well thanks to my friend’s recommendation… As I talked about before I was pretty much starting out not knowing anything about the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing training program at Wealthy Affiliate is a no nonsense approach to learn affiliate marketing for beginners. Let me give you a quick rundown of how you start and how you finish the training.

  1. Getting Started Training: Gave me a really good idea of what affiliate marketing is all about and building your first website. Took me less than 15 minutes to get a general outline of my website.
  2. Build Your Own Traffic Producing Website: Just like the title reads I learned how to create great content and get folks to come visit my website.
  3. Making Money Online: Learned about affiliate programs, getting people to pay me for ads, and overall financial success.
  4. Mastering Social Engagement: How to engage correctly within Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the 1.5 million folks in the Wealthy Affiliate Community.
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation: The final course of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.  Setup Google Webmaster Tools, creating top notch content, and putting together a short and long term plan.

Is This Type of Work For Me?

Now you should have a really good idea of what you’ll learn throughout the 50 lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Course. I would compare this initial course to an affiliate marketing internship. You could also look at it as the equivalent of earning your Associates Degree with a Certificate in Online Entrepreneurship.

If you dedicated a full time effort you could complete this training in 2-3 weeks and become a highly qualified affiliate marketer very quickly. All of the training is completed online with Kyle walking you through step by step videos. I was actually amazed of how much is covered. Kyle’s voice is also very calm and soothing. 🙂 There are no up sells or gimmicks as you go through the training. You can also take your time and complete everything at your own pace in your spare time.

I know this is an article talking about how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners but for those extremely serious and wanting to earn their PhD in affiliate marketing, please check out 6 Figures From Home – Passive Income For Life Section.

The Time Is Now, It’s Definitely Not Later

Wish you had started today with how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners

You’ve completely gone through this information. If you decide to take the affiliate marketing journey it will be fun, and you will learn a lot. It is not a get rich quick scheme nor is it going to be really simple. There is one thing for sure though. If you put in the time to obtain the skill set, master your craft, and implement all of the things you learn it is going to be near impossible to not have some fun while bringing in a nice income. I found it is nice to be a part of something, to have a large community to ask questions 24/7, and to share the things I am passionate about.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great free starter program from my experience. Please check out some other great programs I review as well to give you a really good feel of what’s out there.

Would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, and feedback. Feel free to comment below.

The Best E-mail Marketing System- Build, Engage, & Sell Your Audience

The Best E-mail Marketing System- Build, Engage, & Sell Your Audience

When it comes to e-mail marketing one of you most valuable assets is your e-mail list. Your customers and prospects are the lifeblood of your business. It’s essential to provide your subscribers with excellent content, but it is equally important to effectively build your list. Building your list is simply taking the quality content you have created and sharing it with other like-minded people. Once you have the content it will be about using the best e-mail marketing system.

Where Am I Today?

When it comes to e-mail marketing, consistency is very important. You will need to be sure the content is relevant, exciting, and that subscribers are looking forward to opening your e-mails.

You might not even have an e-mail list right now as you are reading this. Maybe your e-mail list is very small or perhaps you have a huge e-mail list and you want to focus on best catering to your subscribers.

No matter where you are with your e-mail list right now, this article is going to show you the power of having great content, organizing that content, and using the best e-mail marketing system that delivers content at the right times to the right people. This system is working for you no matter what you’re doing, where you are in the world, or whether you’re awake or sleeping.

The best e-mail marketing system available is only as good as the content that goes into it. I am going to show you why e-mail marketing is one of the most effective marketing models in 2018 and has been for many years.

This is what you are going to learn today:

  1. The importance of e-mail newsletters and e-mail automation
  2. Why use HTML templates and how to setup autoresponder e-mails
  3. Integrating your e-mail lists with other services
  4. Placing sign up forms on your website to build your list quickly
  5. Why tracking e-mails and segmenting your subscribers are needed for a successful e-mail marketing campaign
  6. What to look for when researching the best e-mail marketing solutions

E-mail Newsletters And E-mail Automation

An e-mail newsletter is something that your customer is going to expect on a regular basis when you have information they are interested in. This is a place to share guides, blog posts, news, products, reviews, personal recommendations, tips, announcements and any other creative ideas you can think of.

72% of customers prefer to be approached by e-mail. One of the main reasons for creating a newsletter is that it generates regular website traffic. The engagement levels on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are declining rapidly as people are inundated with spam messages.

Newsletters on the other hand are the opposite. The person on the other end of the e-mail had requested information on that particular subject. They are familiar with the sender and are more willing to trust and act on the information sent to them. It is very important the content is what they are expecting and the subject lines grab their attention.

When it comes to finding the best e-mail marketing system it should be able to track e-mail clicks, opens, and delivered e-mails. We will discuss this more toward the bottom of this article.

The newsletters you create need to be unique, your own, and used for multiple different areas of your business. There aren’t going to be any new regulations anytime soon restricting how you can send your custom newsletters, or any large cost increases to your campaigns.

E-mail nowadays is on just about every smartphone in the country. When you send a beautiful attention grabbing e-mail the  potential prospect will see that e-mail instantly. No matter where they are or what they might be doing. Please take a look at How To Create An Effective Newsletter.

Using HTML Templates And Autoresponder Follow Ups

HTML Templates make your e-mail newsletters stunning. You’ll have a professional eye catching e-mail newsletter in just a few minutes. Below are just a few examples of the professional looking HTML templates that can be used with your e-mail newsletters.

best email marketing system

The above templates are just samples of the types of templates you are able to use. There is a template for every kind of business imaginable…

This is where it gets fun! The best e-mail marketing solutions let you choose from countless beautiful templates for your e-mail messages and setup an automated but personalized system. You can create e-mail campaigns for specific types of customers and place them onto different campaigns based on their activity. More on that in just a bit.

Integrating Your E-mail Lists

It is really important to use only one e-mail marketing program. No matter which program you decide to use you want to make sure that your e-mail marketing is not strictly linked to one website.

If you were to stop using a particular website or something were to happen, you do not want to lose all the hours spent building e-mail campaigns. It is best to have a program that takes your e-mail campaigns wherever you go. No matter what the subject, target market, or website, you can integrate those e-mails with multiple websites and software platforms. Once you find the best e-mail marketing system that fits your needs, it’s best to just stick with it. No need to change what works well for you.

Sign Up Forms On Your Website

All of the information you have read so far is essential to a successful e-mail marketing campaign. What is equally important and comes before all this fun stuff is the sign up form on your website. That of course is the section on your website where you have a place for visitors to put their name, e-mail, and any additional information you might want.

There are various styles and ways to collect information from pop up offers, giveaways, lead magnets, and simple forms at the top and bottom of your web page.

It is important to know the various ways you are able to collect that information. Please check out our best tools to capture e-mail information to become familiar with the best strategies, tools, and techniques.

Tracking Subscribers And Segmenting Your Subscribers

If you have made it this far then you are no doubt serious about using one of the most powerful forms of marketing on the planet and to find the best e-mail marketing system. Let’s go over a really cool feature which has to do with segmenting your audience.

Let’s say that Jayne signs up to receive your Top Baking Recipes E-mail Newsletter. When Jane receives your third e-mail newsletter you can see she clicked on a new blueberry pie recipe. Thanks to today’s sophisticated e-mail tracking you’re able to see this information in real time. You can then set her up onto an e-mail campaign that has pie recipes, tips, and other recipes similar to blueberry pie.

The great part about all of this is that it is automated and already setup before Jane even had that pie recipe craving! What you are able to do with different e-mail campaigns is mind boggling. Once you set these campaigns up it is like baking a cake in the microwave. You can set it and forget it!

Tracking your subscriber activity is so important and is so valuable. You want to know which of your e-mails are being opened, at what times, and who is opening them. By knowing these things you’ll learn the best types of e-mail templates to use, how to best word your e-mails and make the needed adjustments. Remember, at the end of the day you are working hard to best cater to your e-mail list.


Finding The Best E-mail Marketing System…

Alright. So you have now read through this information and you are pumped up and finally ready to put your e-mail campaign in place. Or maybe you are ready to switch over your e-mail campaign software to better manage and grow your list. Either way let’s take a look at what’s important when looking for the best e-mail marketing system.

  • It’s good to know how long the company has been in business and their reputation.
  • Make sure they have excellent customer service. Questions and challenges arrive and 24/7 customer support is best.
  • You want to have hundreds of ready to go HTML templates to choose from covering just about any business.
  • It’s important to have the ability to create sign up forms to place on your website to continue to build your list.
  • The option to integrate your e-mail list with important tools such as Paypal and WordPress.
  • E-mail tracking statistics which include delivered rates, link clicks, e-mail opens, and website views.
  • Able to segment your audience by sending e-mails based on personal preferences, location, and previous e-mail actions.
  • It should be easy to create eye catching e-mail templates with a simple drag and drop program
  • Easy to create e-mail sequences and autoresponders
  • A free trial that lets you explore everything the program has to offer to make a good decision without being rushed.

If interested you can check out which e-mail programs we recommend. We review customer service quality, features, company reputation, ease of use, and compare to other programs.

Overall E-mail Marketing Takeaways

Whether you are a regular brick and mortar business, online marketer, affiliate marketer, or even a network marketer finding the best e-mail marketing system is extremely important. Continuing to engage with your customers and prospects is essential to a sustainable business.

This article hopefully gave you some information on how powerful e-mail campaigns are, the amazing features available, and what to look for when choosing the right e-mail campaign program. Now it’s time to apply this information and share your business, ideas, and creativity with the world!

Jay S.