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Social media is one of the biggest influences in our day to day lives. Whether it’s someones birthday on Facebook, new baby pictures on Instagram, or the president using twitter to speak his mind. No matter where you go in America, as long as you have a cell phone, there’s going to be some sort of notification throughout the day that will probably distract you. Some of the best social media marketing tools your going to learn about will show you why you receive those daily notifications.

best social media marketing tools

Now that we have determined social media owns most of us. Definitely not me though… I only check my social feed every 15 minutes… You and I both know a lot can happen in 15 minutes. 🙂

Joking aside let’s get to why we’re here. If you’re an online marketer it is almost mandatory that you leverage social media. This can be a daunting task with all the social media platforms nowadays. On top of that, keeping up with consistently posting content is just unrealistic. I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

How many other things would you rather be doing during the day than manually posting content to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, SnapChat, YouTube, and Linked In… Apologize if I missed any new social networks that popped up since I started writing this paragraph.

Here are the 8 major and extremely important topics we are going to cover:

  • Why Social Media Is So Important For My Business
  • Social Media Sharing For A Profit
  • Creating Content & Marketing Products To Your Audience
  • The Right Audience Using The Best Social Media Marketing Tools
  • Converting Followers Into Buyers
  • How To Automate Social Media To Make Money While You Sleep
  • What Social Media Platforms Are Best For My Business
  • Earn With Social Media Day And Night

Why Is Social Media So Important For My Business?

As talked about above, social media is all around us. Here’s some statistics for you to truly grasp how large social media is:


  • 79% of all internet users log into Facebook
  • 60% of Facebook users watch videos on Facebook
  • Facebook is estimated to generate $21.57 billion in US ad revenues in 2018


  • 35% of Instagram users check their Instagram account multiple times a day and 51% open the app daily
  • Most Instagram users are 18-29 years old, which equals to about 60% of the adults online
  • Instagram drives engagement 84 times more than twitter, 54 times Pinterest, and 10 times more than Facebook
  • In 2016 Instagram added a whopping 100 million users in a 6 month span


  • Twitter had around 330 million active users toward the end of 2017
  • 47% of online marketers stated Twitter is the best platform for social engagement
  • 40% of millennial’s check their twitter account daily


  • There’s more than 450 million LinkedIn users
  • 39% of those 450 million users pay for the monthly service
  • A poll was taken and showed LinkedIn to be the safest social ad platform for brands

Those statistics are breathtaking. Think back 20 years ago and virtually none of this existed. Social media is now soon to outspend TV advertising! The average internet user has on average 7 social media accounts!


Alright, I am going to slow down on the statistics, but you can clearly see why leveraging social media and using the best social media marketing tools is necessary.

Social Media Sharing For A Profit


Let’s talk about capturing just a fraction of a percentage of that massive audience to not only grow your business, but change your life.

People don’t necessarily go on social media to make purchases. They are on social media to well…be social. Knowing this it’s best to engage users in a way that attracts them to you.

You and your business need to have a defined purpose or niche. This is something you are really good at, a passion, or hobby. It can even be something that you want to learn more about. The most important thing is that you find something that reaches a specific and targeted market.

No matter what social media platform you use it is very important that you provide others with valuable information. That valuable information for instance could be;

“How To Get a Six Pack Without Going To The Gym Guide”. This would be great if you were a fitness instructor. You could talk about all of the different human body weight exercises. I personally have never been able to get a six pack without going to the gym, but the guide sounds interesting. 🙂

What about, ” The Friendliest Dog Breeds Guide”. You can share information on the different breeds, the things they like to play with, eat, and places they like to go. This is great information for dog lovers or a family looking for a friendly dog.

Now that you know that sharing is caring let’s review making money through social media in the next section.

Creating Content & Marketing Products To Your Audience

Once you know your niche, passion, or hobby you want to represent, it’s now time to share that valuable information with your audience. You can find an amazing list of affiliate companies that will allow you to sell their products. From coffee products, to dog toys, to car parts. It is truly endless to the types of products you are able to provide. Please take a look at a large list of affiliate programs and products here when you are ready.

You can build a blog website for free in just a few minutes by going here and choosing your domain name(name of your website). You actually receive two for free right now. Along with the two free domains you’ll also receive free training videos on how to build a website in just a few minutes.

Alright! Now you have a website with content that you are extremely passionate about. Everything was done for free which is always nice. 🙂 Make sure that you have looked through the affiliate programs here so you know which programs match up nicely with what you are writing about. Within your blog your able to recommend products and services to help the people reading your article solve their problems, receive additional information, or become a part of your mailing list. Check out our recommended best e-mail marketing systems.

Let’s dive into building a following. It’s also good to research the best social media marketing tools recommended by the people who use them the most. We have straightforward reviews for the top 3 social media marketing tools and how to use each one effectively.

The Right Audience Using The Best Social Media Marketing Tools


There are several tools in this category to automate processes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Linked In. Below are our top 3 programs and their best features for the most popular social media platforms.

Please take a look at our detailed individual reviews of each program below each program.

Our Recommended Best Social Media Marketing Tools:

Socialoomph – Automates these processes for you and has a 7-day free trial.

Covers Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, & LinkedIn. 

  1. Schedule tweets
  2. Track keywords
  3. Works on up to 5 accounts
  4. Unlimited Facebook Accounts
  5. Schedule Page Wall Updates
  6. Schedule Photo Uploads
  7. Unlimited LinkedIn accounts
  8. Schedule shares
  9. Secure LinkedIn access

These are just the top features of Socialoomph. Please See The Full Review Here.

Agora Pulse:

  1. Schedule publish content over every social media platform
  2. Social Inbox for all your interactions in one place
  3. Monitor your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  4. Flexible and real-time collaboration with team members across your business
  5. One click reporting on your content strategy, likes, and competition
  6. Connect, manage, and understand your audience with a CRM included

These are the top features for Agora Pulse. Please See The Full Review Here.

Sendible – Automation & Analytics With a 30 Day Free Trial:

  1. Centralized social media management – streamlining analysis and content creation for all social media platforms
  2. Scheduling tweets and posts across all social media platforms – Calendar provided
  3. Social media reports within a few minutes
  4. Converts connections into leads
  5. Monitor keywords to engage on hottest topics in your niche

These are the top features for Sendible. Please see The full review here.

Converting Followers Into Buyers

This is the fun part if you followed the previous steps discussed above. After putting everything together, providing quality information, and helping folks solve their problems, how do you get paid…

This is how you get paid. Hopefully you’ve had the chance to review some of the best social media marketing tools shown above. If you haven’t yet, that’s okay.

Once you decide on a social media platform you can then take that great content created and promote in a powerful and efficient way . That’s what the above tools allow you to do extremely well. You put in the work, created the content, and it’s now time to share it with the world. This is going to drive traffic to your blog, website, or sales funnel. These are going to be people interested in exactly what you have to offer from a pool of the 6 billion people that shop online.

How To Automate Social Media To Make Money While You Sleep?

No matter which of the best social media marketing tools you decide to use, they all can make money and promote your products and services while you sleep. Unsure if you are familiar with the old Ronco Rotisserie infomercial from back in the day, but it is truly a set it and forget it process.

Setup what content you want delivered at all hours of the day, 7 days a week, for months into the future.  Wake up in the morning and have more money in your bank account or Paypal account than you did the night before. Using online social media tools is essential to growing your business quickly and sustaining your success.

Time management and efficiency are some of the biggest benefits of these tools. Spend more time on the most important things in your life.

What Social Media Platforms Are Best For My Business?

Now this is seems like a question that would have a long answer… As far as I am concerned it does not. The social media platform that is best for your business is up to you. Once you read the reviews, see the different features, and find the one that fits you and your business model, then go with it.

Earn With Social Media Day And Night

I really hope that you found this information helpful in your pursuit to find the best social media marketing tools. This post was created to give you the best social media marketing tools available and to make sure you understand how they work. It’s important to know how to use these programs and have access to good information to make an educated decision.

The time is now to use social media for a better life for you, your family, and the countless others that you will benefit from the sharing of your valuable information.

Your feedback, comments, and thoughts would be very much appreciated below.

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  1. Lynne

    I was at your website looking at a different post and this one caught my attention. I tried to use social media platforms to promote my blog and make money but have not looked into automating that process yet. I was really interested to see what automation platforms you recommended. Is there one you would choose over the other? Thanks for the great information and I definitely need to start looking into this. I spend way too much time trying to post for my website but then I get distracted and start browsing and I just waste time! Automating the process will help keep me on task!

  2. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    I am not a social media fan though, so I am finding very difficult to take advantage of social media platforms to attract traffic, I will have to learn this. I liked the idea of automating the whole process of publishing content on social media, it makes the job easier . I have a Twitter account I created recently and I find out that we differ time zones with my audience, so I will have to sometimes to wake up at mid-night to publish content to all my audience, it’s really a gruesome task to say the least. So I will have to laverage automation.

    By the way, what is your #1 automation tool based on your exprience?

    1. admin

      I definitely agree Ngonidzashe that social media can be overwhelming. Once you take the time to create all of this great content you then have to set timers to remember to post certain articles at certain times and it can be very difficult.

      There are many social media management tools out there. I strongly recommend you check out the two below. Agora Pulse has a free 30 day trial and Manage Flitter has a completely free version to check it out. (They provide a robust program to manage and schedule all of your social media posts) (You can target 1000 people on Twitter you can follow daily by keywords and many other parameters)

      Hope the free trial and the completely free version of these programs helps out.

      – Jay

  3. Kevin

    Great post loaded with lots of good information. I am interested in automating some of the social media posts that I do, but I don’t think I am ready to pay for those services. Do you have a service that you like that you would recommend over any other?

    I might automate later on if I start making money, but I think I am going to look into tools that make it easier to post to all social media sites at once so that I don’t have to manually do it. I had a friend use a service like that in the past so it may work better for me for now until I become established.

    Thanks for the post, I learned a bit about new tools out there so thanks for taking the time to research those and tell us about them!

    1. admin

      I highly recommend Agora Pulse as they offer a full suite of features covering the most important social media platforms.

      It is completely free for the first 30 days through the below link. I used it for 30 days and it streamlined all of my social media, let me schedule content posting, and has driven a lot of traffic to my website. If you check out the free month let me know how you like it.

      Thanks Kevin!

  4. Hong

    I am glad I came to your site.I used to manage almost all my social media platform manually. It was extremely time consuming and I eventually gave up because it was so much work and I wasn’t able to manage it any more. I didn’t know there is a social media marketing tool. That’s great information to have. Now that I know it’s available, I might start becoming more active on facebook and pinterest. Thank you very much for the awesome post. I found it very helpful.

    1. Jay S

      You are very welcome Hong. I appreciate you letting me know that the article was helpful. Social media is such an amazing place to capture people interested in your products or services and using the many tools to manage your accounts makes life a lot easier. It also adds a lot of value to others and yourself.

      Please keep an eye out for many more articles touching on the best tools to use for affiliate marketing.

      – Jay S.

  5. Genesis

    Social media can be such a drain . . . but also so awesome for business! I use Pinterest quite a bit for my blogging and it really drives tons of traffic. I hadn’t heard of most of the tools you mentioned for scheduling and posting. Which one do you think is best for everything?

    1. Jay S

      That is great you have been able to drive a lot of traffic using Pinterest. That is no small task.

      If you are looking for a great tool that will organize and take care of all of your social media platforms I would recommend using Agora Pulse. It is an extremely robust platform.

      They currently have a 14 day free test drive here without needing a credit card.

      If you check out the free trial I would love to know what you think.

      Thanks Genesis for taking the time to comment.

      – Jay S.

  6. Steve

    I have been struggling to promote my website on social media.  First of all, I am not a typically heavy social media user to begin with, so I don’t completely understand all the ins and outs.  I understand that a LOT of people do use social media, so I get the fact that I need a larger presence.  I am pretty good at writing content, so I have focused on SEO mostly, but I realize that I need to step it up a bit.  I love the idea of automation and I really need to take a good hard look at some of these tools.  I love the fact that Sendible has a free 30 day trial, that sounds like a logical place to start.  My website is about back pain, do you know if there is an automation tool that would be more niche specific?  Thanks for this incredible review, you covered a lot of ground, and I appreciate it.

    1. admin

      Appreciate you taking the time to comment Steve and happy I might have inspired you to take advantage of this ever growing monster that is social media. Sendible is great and Agora Pulse is another good one. I’l provide the links below for the free trials once again.

      To answer your question about your niche. I would say that what’s really good to do is find an excellent information source that you can refer others to when it comes to back pain. Such as a blog, a podcast, or any other great information resource specifically about back pain. You can leverage their great information to help others. You’ll be able to track and engage the folks that are travelling to your used resources for further engagement.

      It is all pretty amazing how you can leverage the content of others. I have provided the links for both Sendible and Agora Pulse below so you can go right into the free trials.

      Sendible Free 30 Days:

      Agora Pulse Free Trial:

      We love feedback either in the comments or by e-mail once you try out any of our recommended programs.

      Please don’t hesitate to reach out by e-mail as well.

      Thanks Steve!

      Jay S.

  7. Mariah

    I love the idea of effective social media automation. I’m currently trying out the 14 day free trial of Coschedule. Have you ever tried that program? It seems to be pretty promising but I’ve had a few issues and bugs with it, so I don’t think I’m going to start paying for it just yet. 

    I’ve bookmarked your page and I think I will go through and try out all the free trials of the tools that you recommend and see which ones I like best. Thanks for compiling the list! It’s really helpful.

    I recently discovered the power of posting links to large facebook groups that are related to my content. It has driven a lot of traffic to my page. The problem is that it seems like there’s no way to automate posting to a facebook group. At least I haven’t found a tool that will do this for me. Have you? Please let me know if you have!

    1. Jay S

      Hi Mariah, I am happy to see that you are testing out different programs to find the one that is the best fit for you.

      We love testing out all of the newest tools to help make the jobs of online marketers easier.

      I am glad that you asked the question about automated Facebook posting because there’s good news and a solid program available for automating the posting on Facebook.

      The best news is that I have a 7 day free test drive right here

      When you check out that program and the other programs I would love to get your feedback on how it worked for you.

      Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments or e-mail us.

      Thanks Mariah!

      – Jay S.

  8. Marios Tofarides


    You have pointed out that social media is essential for anyone today, in order to offer valuable content and drive traffic to their website. And it is true that social media marketing tools are also essential, since it is not possible to be online 24/7.

    I haven’t used any of the tools you suggest, but I can suggest another two I have been using for a long time, and have helped me a lot. Here they are:

    Buffer: Buffer is a good platform to schedule and follow social media posts. It covers most of the main social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) and comes with a free version that allows 10 posts to be scheduled for Twitter, Facebook Google+ and Instagram .The paid version allows for unlimited schedules as well as Pinterest. It also offers Pablo, an easy way to create images for social media.

    Crowdfire: It is also a scheduling platform, and It has a daily “prescription” that allows you to share Posts and images to social networks as well as follow and unfollow accounts on Twitter. It also covers the main social networks   (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn). It has a free version which also provides a limited number of scheduled posts and a stripped-down version of the daily prescription

    Hope I’ve helped. Thanks for a very informative posts.


    1. Jay S

      Thanks Marios for the great information. I have read a little bit about Buffer and need to do a review on their product in the coming weeks. Had not heard of Crowdfire until you mentioned it  but I will look into it as well and see if we can feature it on our website based on its features and abilities. It sounds rather useful and similar to another tool I use Manageflitter to follow others on Twitter and of course unfollow as well.

      Appreciate the mentioning of the two other programs. Tools are our passion here at

      More reviews, information, and the hottest tools will be available in the coming weeks.

      Stay tuned!

      – Jay S.

  9. Judy

    This post was really relevant to me as I have been a bit reticent about using automation on Social media but since reading this I feel I should follow up with some of your suggestions. I have found that many people just want to check and see if you are a real person and so I would think it would be imperative to do some of the posting yourself and also respond to as many comments as possible. 

    Do you think it is best to focus on one social media platform or should we attempt to maintain a presence on several.?

    This post was stacked full of very worthwhile tips and tricks for success online. Thank you for delivering it in very professional way and for the information you have shared.  You mentioned a few different automation tools, but which would be your number 1 recommendation. 

    Thanks again.

    1. admin

      Hi Judy, thank you for the kind words. Social media nowadays is essential to really grow your business. As you can see their are just so many different tools and social media platforms. When asked this question my recommendation is that you focus on one platform at a time. It is good to setup an account on all of the major platforms so this way you can keep your login information all in one area.

      There are so many amazing programs out there that do a lot of cool things  agora pulse is my favorite because they manage all of your social media accounts. You can schedule content posting and it has great analytic features as well to see your return on investment.

      Here’s a free two week test drive:

      Would love to see your feedback here in the comments in the future if you try it out and if it really simplifies what can sometimes be a daunting task having to manage social media.

      Hope I answered your question Judy.

      – Jay S.

  10. Emily Hii

    This is so new to me, I didn’t know there are such tool. I have set up all the social accounts, insta, google, facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc! So time consuming to manually posting, and eventually I just focus on insta and facebook. I will definitely sign up for the free trial to test it out. I agree with you that to spent our time to the most important things! I hope the fee is not costly after the trial. 

    1. Jay S

      Hi Emily,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and I am glad that you are now aware that these amazing tools exist. I really like Agora Pulse. You can link all of your social media accounts and they come into one inbox. You can even reply from the inbox.

      I really love it! Here is a 14 day trial. It is $39.00 monthly after the trial, but what’s nice is that you can really get a good free test drive to see if it’s worth the money. Below is the link and please come back and leave your feedback if you take the free test drive.

      You also don’t need to provide your credit card.

      Here it is below:

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts Emily.

      Jay S.

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